The Multistage Process


Multiple Effect Distillation process from Bram-Cor: heating for evaporation and cooling for condensation processes are performed by double tube sheet (DTS) exchangers. Condensation is achieved by means of the thin-falling film technology. The process is repeated in each column: the higher the quantity of columns  the lower overall the consumption of the equipment. The quantity of columns therefore does not influence the quality nor the output of the equipment.

A special labyrinth-separator installed at the top of each column separates the steam generated by the evaporation process from entrained substance in the steam itself. The result is a pure, “dry”, pyrogen-free steam, condensed in compendial Water for Injection.

The first column of the Multiple Effect Distiller may be used to produce alternatively or even at same time, also Clean Steam.

BRAM-COR SMPT Multiple Effect Distillers capacities range: from 50 to 15.000 lph with three to eight columns.

Multiple Effect Water Distillation: a core technology for Compendial Waters

Bram-Cor Water Treatment Systems - Compendial Waters Classification


Water For Injection as defined by Pharmacopoeias.

Water For Injection is classified for pharmaceutical purposes as an excipient in the production of parenteral preparations and in other pharmaceutical preparations where the endotoxin content must be verified (see related USP, EP and JP pharmacopeia for reference). Deionized water (that may be pre-treated for subsequent distillation or appropriate process) is the minimal source of feed water to produce WFI.In addition to the PW specifications, WFI adds the test for Bacterial endotoxins and complies with all requirements (except for Labeling) for the packaged water know as “Sterile Purified Water” (see USP monograph).